Unless you are aware of the true cost of hustling.

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#TheGrindNeverStops, #SleepIsForTheWeak, #HustleCulture are all hashtags that appear everywhere now.

With the rise of the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement and the constant spread of success stories from friends and family on social media, the hustle culture has taken over many lives.

From doing freelance work to starting a small business, everyone on Instagram (and whatever social media you choose to use) seems to be promoting their newest side hustle and are showing off the fruits of their labour.

And when everybody seems to be finding success with their newest hustle, it might become extremely tempting for you to…

The earth doesn’t need saving, we do

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We have to work together to save the planet. This is the rallying cry for many of the world’s climate activists. We turn off our lights for Earth Day and fight against big corporations so that we can protect planet Earth.

And I’m one of those who have been repeating this claim as well. I’m using metal straws and my own cup so that I can prevent adding to the plastic waste drowning the planet. I’m recycling as much as possible and reducing my consumption just so that we can save planet Earth.

After all, it’s no secret that human…

Researchers and Scientists just can’t stop talking

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A while back, I wrote an article titled “The “Fire Fauci Act” Represents Everything That is Threatening America’s Democracy” pointing out the lack of belief in science was an issue that plagued us today.

And unfortunately enough, there were readers of the article who left comments that reflected a lack of trust in respectable (and trustable) members of the scientific community.

“[…] until I realized that the “science” has been politicized in this pandemic. Until I realized that doctors and members of the scientific community were being silenced in their search for truth. …

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” — Aristotle

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In today’s chaotic world, most of us wear many hats in our daily lives. A parent, a student, an employee, an entrepreneur. The list goes on and on.

And in our rush to be the very best version of ourselves as we take on a responsibility handed to us, it’s often easy to find ourselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of roles that we have to play.

As a result, we sometimes forget what it truly means to be ourselves. Our motivations and passion get buried under all of the responsibilities we have to fulfil.

Furthermore, it’s not just the…

The fast-fashion company you should avoid at all cost

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Shein is an online clothing retailer that everyone seems to shop at nowadays and their popularity is something no one can ever deny. A simple search on TikTok shows that the hashtag “#shein” has 10.4 billion views.

Marketing itself as “an international B2C [business-to-consumer] fast fashion e-commerce platform” that “prides itself on offering on-trend styles catering to both young women and teens, that won’t break the bank.”, Shein has really set itself apart from other fast fashion retailers.

While fast fashion places like H&M and Zara introduce new pieces by tracking trends and going through a 3 week process to…

You should do something else with your money instead

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Deciding where to put our money isn’t simple. Banks do not give a high enough interest rate for us to beat inflation. Cryptocurrency is a volatile market swinging between all-time highs and huge drops. And stock picking might not work out for us if we are unable to spend lots of time keeping up with the changes in the market.

And if anybody comes and tells you that they’ve found a surefire way of planning out their finances to only receive gains, they are definitely lying.

If discovering a simple method that always wins was so simple, many of us…

It’s time to rethink your payment structure and pay us for external reads

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As writers on Medium, all of our story views are split into two kinds: external and internal views.

And if you are signed up with the Partner Program, you would know that only the internal views earn you money. Medium takes the subscription fees of paying members and splits them based on their reading habits. If a paying member spends more time reading your articles, you get more money at the end of the month.

With this payment structure, it becomes easy to reward writers who provide quality content. The better and more well-researched your article, the longer readers spend…

My Most Viral Articles Were Almost Never Finished

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As a writer on Medium, having an article go viral is akin to striking gold. And for good reason too. A viral article will drastically increase member reading time and as such, allow you to earn more money. A viral article will also bring more readers to your profile (or to take note of you), allowing some of your other articles to gain more traction.

It’s no wonder why everybody here wants to go viral.

And in our journey to go viral, we seek formulas and templates in order to maximize our chances of going viral. While these proven methods…

That is really just jealousy speaking.

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When we look at the financial self-help genre, there is one group of articles that stands out and attracts thousands of readers.

Articles like “Here’s how you can become a millionaire by 30” and the slightly more realistic ones claiming that you can “accumulate a net worth of 500k” or those that propagate “financial freedom by the time you are 30”.

Apart from financial blogs and websites, we sometimes get to see these stories happening to our friends and colleagues. A few Instagram Stories here and there bragging about their new car and home, a few posts about their new…

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