That’s right, stop hustling to make that hustle a success.

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Anyone who hustles hopes to succeed.

That’s why hashtags like #thegrindneverstops and #sleepisfortheweak remain extremely popular. And with hundreds and thousands of Instagram stories documenting individuals working hard late into the night (sometimes even past midnight), it seems that hustle culture has taken over everyone’s life.

No matter how hard you work on your job and side hustles, it always seems that others out there are even more productive, even more successful, and even better at using their time and habits.

And when you compare yourself to these people, stopping for a break seems like a preposterous idea. …

The reliable method that gives you immediate results

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When you struggle to complete that to-do list you created early in the morning (as you stare at your pile of never-ending work), know that you aren’t alone.

In fact, almost everyone struggles to finish the to-do lists that they create for themselves. Based on the data collected by the iDoneThis application, 41% of all to-do list tasks are never completed. At the same time, 50% of to-­do items are left uncompleted by the end of that day.

And yet, many of us still create these to-do lists (according to a LinkedIn survey 63% of surveyed professionals keep a to-do…

And how you can use them to help yourself (not through telling the future!)

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I have never been a believer of the occult. To me, being able to divine the future seemed improbable. After all, if all the science and technology in the world is unable to predict what happens, what can a few moles on my face or stars in the sky tell me about tomorrow?

As a result, reading about things like astrology, horoscope reading, and lucky charms were nothing more than passing interests that entertained me while I was bored. They held no weight in my life and did not make any difference to how I led my life.

And that…

But not for the reasons you think

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Writing on Medium is a funny business. Rarely do we find another platform where it’s writers spend so much time writing about the platform.

Yet, on Medium, every other writer seems to be publishing article after article writing about Medium. “Here’s how to get curated”. “Here’s the article that earned me tons of money”. “This 1 step is the key to doing well on Medium”.

And even though there are so many of these, I still continue to read all of these when I chance upon them. …

Clean up your house today!

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With the popularity of Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, many have been rushing to declutter their houses and throw away items that don’t “spark joy”.

Yet, as time passed, our homes lapsed back into their original messy state. After all, we had taken all our Instagram shots and were left only with items that were “sparking joy” within us.

And for most of us, having a messy house wasn’t a problem as we were spending most of our time at work, leaving us with limited time to clean up the mess.

However, with more and more individuals working from home due…

All elite philanthropy does is to help them feel better

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The upwards wealth transfer is no secret.

In the U.S, those who fall in the upper income group have seen a larger growth in their respective incomes, causing the share of income going to the middle and lower classes to fall. In fact, income growth has been the most rapid for the top 5% of households, causing the wealth gap to continually worsen.

And the same thing is happening all over the world. In China, they are facing a rapidly worsening wealth gap, making it incredibly difficult for those who aren’t born into elite families to climb up the social…

And how they can help improve your life too

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To many of us, the classics are seen as difficult-to-read books that are completely irrelevant to our modern lifestyles. After all, they are often decades old and written with language that might be daunting to decipher.

Furthermore, many of these books take forever for anything at all to happen. Descriptions are dragged out and half the book is over even before any action happens (although one might argue that this is part of its charm).

And as a result, it is extremely difficult to pick up a classic and dive straight into it.

In reality however, not all classics are…

Spend your time creating quality content instead

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Back when I joined the writing world in 2017, the email newsletter was touted as the most important tool in my writing arsenal. Even before I had published my first article, other writers were already telling me that it was essential that I set one up as soon as possible.

Fast forward to 2021 and we can see that nothing much has changed. Writers continue to see newsletters as an essential tool that enables them to reach a wider audience. Hundreds of articles are written in hopes of convincing and getting writers to create the “best newsletter that guarantees clicks”.

It’s an essential part of our lives

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Like many, I am a sentimental person. After spending long periods of time at certain places or with certain people, I form a strong emotional attachment to them.

This makes saying goodbyes extremely difficult. And every time I have to close a certain chapter in my life, I begin to dread saying goodbye.

Yet, goodbyes are everywhere. When I graduate from a school, when I finish a stint at a new workplace, when an event ends, life is full of leaving places behind and saying our final goodbyes to people we have gotten so close to.

Moving On is Never Easy

Saying goodbye is difficult…

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