Even if you get nearly no views at all

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Blogging can be depressing at times. Whether it is on Medium or through other blogging platforms, opening up the “stats” page and seeing low numbers feels extremely discouraging.

And I should know how it feels to get nearly no views. After all, I started my first month on Medium writing posts that garnered single digit views, earning a grand total of 1 cent through the Partner Program at the end of the month. Furthermore, I am no Tim Denning. I still regularly post stories that barely get any traction.

Truthfully, I have thought about quitting. I’ve experienced bad writer burnout…

Be a better version of who you are

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If you’ve read anything from the self-help or self-improvement genre, the call to “be yourself” would definitely have appeared in front of you at least once before. Even here on Medium, we are constantly encouraged to “stay faithful” to our true selves and “express ourselves” however we want to. And honestly, I love this call to embrace our true selves. Nothing is more helpful for our mental health and confidence.

Yet, despite all the calls to “be yourself”, living in the real world often makes me question if I should really be expressing myself however I want. When I’m too…

Leave the hustle culture behind, we’re trying to enjoy ourselves here

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As a full-time university student and freelance writer, my schedule is already filled with work. From school assignments to commissioned pieces during my holidays, a big part of my life is already defined by the work that I have to complete.

At the same time, I’ve always found time to work on hobbies that I love. From reading to video gaming, hobbies were a way for me to destress and enjoy myself.

Yet, every time I begin to browse through social media, I begin to feel inadequate. From hashtags like #thegrindneverstops and #sleepisfortheweak to Instagram stories showcasing a recent success…

The only new year resolution that should matter.

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As a whole, we are all working too much. In the United States, the average hour worked per workday by full-time workers is 8.5 hours (and 5.4 hours on weekends).

Yet, despite the long hours spent at work, the amount of time spent at work by US workers isn’t even comparable to many other countries. In 2017, the average annual working hours in the US was 1,757 hours. In comparison, South Korean workers worked 2,063 hours, Singaporean workers worked 2,238 hours, and Cambodian workers worked 2,456 hours. And it’s not just the Asian countries. …

How notifications are ruining your workflow

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Technology at workplaces is a mixed bag. On one hand, technology has revolutionized the way we work. Freelancers can collaborate easily with companies that are located far away. Video conferencing allows meetings to happen even when the attendees are miles apart. Documents that used to take days to mail and receive can be sent out to the intended recipients in a matter of seconds. And most importantly, productivity is up. 75% of workers have reported that handheld devices increase productivity at work.

On the other hand, there appears to be a very strong case against (unnecessary) technology at work. In…

The science behind these unscientific beliefs

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(Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash)

Conspiracy theories occupy a weird territory in today’s world. For most of us, these theories are nothing but a bunch of made-up nonsense that originated from the musty basement of someone’s home. From theories about the hidden aliens over at Area 51 to the theories that the Illuminati is secretly running the world from behind the scenes, it seems almost comical that individuals would believe in these ideas, much less act upon them.

Yet, for many others, these ‘conspiracy’ theories are treated as legitimate non-mainstream explanations that help shape their world view. …

And hopefully, will inspire you too

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As a writer, the thing I do most is to read. I read to relax. I read to learn new things. I read for research. And as a result, I end up reading a large number of books.

Yet, despite the large amount of reading I do, most lessons the books try to impart often end up fading slowly back into oblivion after I put down the book. Sure, many books try to teach us many things. But in reality, not many books are able to inspire us to apply the lessons they contain.

And because most books fail to…

Why you should include this berry in your diet ASAP

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Also known as wolfberries, goji berry is an up and coming superfood that’s native to Asia. Used since the 3rd century in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), these berries have been associated with a long list of different ‘powers’ that benefits one’s health greatly.

From anti-aging qualities to cancer prevention, everyone seems to have a different reason to love this oval shaped red berry. So, why should you be including this superfood in your diet?

The numerous benefits of goji berries

As a superfood, there are definitely numerous benefits that these berries can bring to you.

However, instead of simply repeating all the various claims, let’s dive…

Why I prefer to use paper in the age of digital planners.

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Like many of you, I’m a naturally disorganized person. And with so many events and things to keep track of in the world, it has become impossible for me to remember what I have to do without a planner. Between my work (both for school and for writing), personal writing projects, and other tasks, a planner is the only way for me to keep my life on track.

And all along, I’ve been choosing to use a physical planner (I assume it’s a force of habit from when I was young). …

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