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Jerren Gan
3 min readJan 5, 2023
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Hi there, I am Jerren, a system engineering-trained writer that blogs regularly on Medium. As a systems engineer, I like to break complex issues down into smaller (and more manageable) processes and use data to highlight what can be done to improve these issues. Of course, to combat the rise of fake news and pointless AI-generated content, all my articles are written with as many of my sources linked as possible so that you will be able to see where I am gathering my information. That way, you can make your own conclusions after reading the articles.

Here on Medium, my most viral article — Here’s Why You Should Never Shop at Shein No Matter What has received over 820,000 views and it’s an article that I recommend you read if you shop online regularly.

One of my main focuses has been the improvement of oneself, whether it is through improving your mental wellbeing or through learning to become a better human. I call these the “potential journal” articles. If you are interested, you can start with these articles (that link to others as well!): The Productivity-Time Paradox and How You Can Overcome It, Fika — The Recipe for a Happy Life, and Never Forget Anything Again: The Simplest Second Brain System You Can Build in 10 Minutes.

If you are interested in learning more about what you can do to play a bigger role in fighting climate change, I have written some articles that you can start with: We’re at Our Final Climate Warning, Here’s What We Can Do, Make Meat an Active Choice Now, and Rethinking Reforestation: How to Plant Trees Without Worsening Climate Change. They are all articles backed with linked sources so you will be able to see where I got all my data from!

Lastly, if you want to find out more about policies and the shortcomings of the current political and societal system, I recommend that you start with: Unfortunately, Universal Basic Income Would Probably Fail and “Buy, Borrow, Tax, Die” — A Plan to Tax the Rich Successfully.

Else, here are some of my most-viewed Medium stories to read:

  1. Here’s Why You Should Never Shop at Shein No Matter What
  2. Here are 5 Reasons Explaining Why Recycling is a Scam
  3. Wishing Death on Someone? Here’s Why It is Normal
  4. How Being Lonely Affects Our Brains
  5. How You Can Draw Multi-Line Graphs Easily on Tableau

Other articles that I recommend you read right now:



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